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While offshore charters give access to all inshore fish species, they are usually XOS specimens! Going offshore also opens up a wide range of other fish species to target.

This is where you need to be to catch NZ's outstandingly powerful yellow tailed kingfish, as well as the deepwater species, bluenose, hapuka and gemfish.

In the summer months these fish are also joined by prolific numbers of skipjack and albacore tuna and hot on their heels are the bigger gamefish, marlin, as well as the occasional mahimahi and short billed spearfish. Mako, bronze whaler and blue sharks are also encountered, occasionally too frequently! Dolphins are also often seen on offshore charters. 

Fishing methods include bait and softbaits, jigging and livebaits, stickbaits, salt water flyfishing and trolling lures. Catching tuna on light tackle has proved extremely popular in recent years, especially when combined with chasing kingfish, or a deepwater excursion.

The spectacular dormant volcano Mayor Island (Tuhua) and its associated deep water knolls are a regular offshore destination, as well as Penguin Shoals, together with Astrolabe, Schooner Rock and Plate Island further to the east.