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Snapper and terakihi are the main species targeted on an inshore fishing charter.

Kahawai, gurnard, John Dory and trevally will also feature on the inshore anglers' menu, together with the occasional yellow tailed kingfish. When the water warms up, skipjack (bonito) and albacore tuna can also venture into our shallower inshore waters.

Fishing methods include bait fishing with ledger rigs and straylines, softbaiting, trolling and flyfishing.

We will usually be fishing in an area from Bowentown to the west and Motiti Island to the east. This includes Karewa Island, and what is locally referred to as the 'middle ground' reefs.

The bays around the picturesque Motiti provide a great location for diving and snorkeling. In the summer months we frequently stop for a dip at one of these bays, providing an opportunity to cool down and a chance to have a snorkel or free dive. At certain times of the year dolphins are also encountered inshore.

In the autumn, inshore half-day evening charters are a speciality of ours and frequently provide some spectacular trophy snapper.

Snapper fishing in Tauranga Harbour can be successful at the appropriate time of day (change of light) and season (mid-late summer), though fishing methods are quite specialised to accomodate the strong currents.

The large bronze whaler sharks are also targeted in the inner harbour, partly for research purposes. Hooking one of these impressive sport fish, then landing, tagging and releasing them from the shore is a memorable experience.

A day inshore fishing is suitable for experienced anglers wishing to target trophy snapper, or families who want to enjoy a day on the water, without the travel time involved in reaching offshore waters.