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“High quality sampling and data collection in the field”


Established for over 20 years, Aquatek are leading environmental monitoring and data collection specialists. The company is based in Tauranga and primarily service the Bay of Plenty and adjacent areas.

Aquatek provides 24/7 monitoring and sample collection in both marine and terrestrial environments. We are specialists in the fieldwork required to achieve your monitoring and sampling objectives, focusing on high-quality robust data collection.

We work for a wide variety of public and private clients that include Regional, City and District councils, Environmental consultants, Surveyors, Developers, Contractors, Orchardists, DOC, Maritime NZ, Marine farm operators, Marinas, fishing companies and educational organisations.

Aquatek is a health and safety SHE pre-qualified contractor, including confined spaces access, traffic management, offroad vehicle training, MTOP vessel operation, etc.


Monitoring and sampling undertaken includes the following:

Water quality sampling including compliance sampling (see below for more detail) and consent monitoring, stormwater and potable water testing, pollution prevention sampling, GAP orchard water testing, wastewater monitoring including OSET systems (on-site effluent treatment), investigative sampling and environmental equipment installations, utilising a variety of autosamplers as required.

We offer a one stop solution for your compliance monitoring obligations. From your resource consent we will detail the monitoring required, identify the appropriate sample locations on site, secure a lab quote for analysis and provide a comprehensive estimate of the projected sampling cost. The monitoring is then undertaken to required specifications, samples dispatched to a laboratory for analysis, results reported to client and with client approval lodged with the appropriate authority to ensure ongoing compliance, including dialogue with compliance officers as required.

The field work associated with pump tests on new and existing bores. This includes max flow, four-step and constant rate flow testing to meet requirements as required. We also carry out water level logging for ground water bores, streams, rivers and lakes.

Open drains, streams, harbour, marinas, for all required consent monitoring and investigative sampling.

Tuatua, pipi, tītiko and other shellfish species. Sampling for both discharge and pollution impact monitoring and population assessments.

Aquatek use a 6.5m h/t vessel in MNZ survey with certified skippers to provide a variety of services including river, harbour and inshore work, water quality monitoring at marine farms, marine asset inspections and general transportation for your own projects as required.


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